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Children's Centres are an exciting new initiative as the next stage in the ongoing development of Sure Start Programmes.

The Children’s Centre programme is based on the concept that providing integrated education with childcare, family support and health services are key factors in achieving good outcomes for children and parents.
Many more new Centres are being planned by the local authority. To view information about all current Children's Centres in the area select the Area Site link top right of the page

Our Centre is developing across a designated catchment area. To find out if you live within this area use the Quick Link at the top of the page

We offer the following services for children under five and their families:

Education and Childcare

Family Support and Outreach work

Support, advice and information for parents aimed at giving children the best possible start in life. This can be provided in your own home or at the centres and is given by qualified family support staff:

Child and Family Health Services

Healthcare workers on site to support access to a range of healthcare services such as:

Workshops and advice on:

Links to Jobcentres and Training Providers

Co-ordinated services including:

Training will be supported by Crèche facilities or funded approved childcare